Royalties Fee Free Mountains in Nepal

Nepal Mountian range

Are you an adrenaline junkie whose dream is to conquer mountains? Do you have the zeal to climb mountains? Then, Nepal will be an absolute choice for you. If you are a wanderlust, who is willing to trek on remote areas, aspire to get lost inside the pristine condition of nature then Nepal would be a dreamland for you. Home to 8 of 12 Highest Mountains in the World, this place is a heaven for a mountaineer. 

There are literally hundreds of mountains of which a certain number of mountains are royalty-free meaning that you could climb without having to pay any kind of fees against authorities. Even if you are a trekker then, you can also give it a try to climb such royalty-free, small, nontechnical mountains which offers less difficulty.

Royalty fees are expensive, if you are willing to go on an expedition of Everest on Spring season then you have to pay USD 11000 only as for royalty fee. For mountains like Kanchenjunga, Lothse you have to pay a royalty of USD 1800.

As Nepal Government has exempt the royalties of some famous mountains, for the novice and first-timers this could be a golden lifetime opportunity to get the feel of conquering the mountain.

Here are the list of 100 % royalties fee free mountains

SNName of Peak / MountainAltitude
1.Api Himal7132 mDarchula
2.Api West Himal7100 m Darchula
3.Saipal Himal7031 m Darchula
4. Saipal East Himal6882 mDarchula
5.Jethi Bahurani Himal6850 m Darchula
6.Bobaye Peak6808 m Darchula
7.Nampa Peak6755 mDarchula
8. Nampa Peak South6580 mDarchula
9. Mount Nampa II6700 mBajhang / Darchula
10.Mount Nampa III6618 m Bajhang / Darchula
11.Mount Yokopahar (Nampa 7)6401 m Bajhang / Darchula
12.Fimkof Himal6697 m Bajhang
13.Fimkof West Peak6645 mBajhang
14. Radsha Urai Peak6593 mBajhang
15.Surma-Sarovar North Peak6523 mBajhang
16.Mount Rokapi5467 mBajhang
17.Mount Korko6053 mBajhang
18.Mount Dhaulagiri6632 mBajhang
19.Mount Khiuri Khala5806 mBajhang
20.Mount Roma5407 mBajhang

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation has made a decision that the mountains of height less than 5800 m will be promoted as a trekking peak and royalty fees of these mountains will be waived. These mountains are to be managed by NMA ( Nepal Mountaineering Association)

SNName of Peak / MountainAltitude (metre)District
1.Tent Peak5663 mMustang
2.Mardi Himal5587 m Kaski
3.Yala Peak5732 mRasuwa
4.Chukung Ri5550 mSolukhumbu
List of Mountains whose royalties are waived by Nepal Mountaineering Association

Apart from these Mountains are other mountains whose royalties are partially waived. Below is the list of mountains whose royalties are 75% off.

SNName of Peak / MountainAltitude (metre)District
1.Gindharva Himal6248 mKaski
2.Kang Sar Kang7485 mKaski
3.Bhemdang Ri6150 mRasuwa
4.Leonpo Gang (Greak White Peak)6645 mRasuwa
5.Gyalzen Peak6151 m Rasuwa
6. Bhairab Takura6799 mRasuwa
7.Phurvi Chyachu6631 mRasuwa
8.Ohmi Kangn6829 mRasuwa
9.Nepal Peak6910 mTaplejung
10.Kirat Chuli
(Tent Peak)
7365 mTaplejung
11.Urknmang6151 mTaplejung

Extra dose of Information

Experience in Climbing

Though climbing mountain does sound like an arduous task, big risk, challenging, and expensive, however, not all the peaks require you to be an expert and highly experienced climber. There are numbers of small non-technical relatively easy to climb peaks. There is always the first time for everything so for those who do not have the prior experience they could give it a try to these peaks.

Best Time

The best time to go on a trek or peak climbing is mainly in Spring ( May – March ) and Autumn ( September – November ) season. With clear skies and pleasant weather, you will be enticed and energized.

Gears and Equipments

Better clothing and equipment are the most when you are setting off for trek and climbing. As trekking and peak climbing is a daring act with its own challenges you should be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances, therefore, you should be well-equipped with necessary items.

Here are few items listed you give the general idea.

Head Gear

  • Hat preferably wool or fleece
  • Sun hat & buff scarf
  • Head torch(500 lumens)
  • Sunglasses (UV Protected)
  • Sun Block Cream (SPF 50)


  • Climbing boots
  • Cold weather boots for base camp
  • Trainers
  • Comfortable sandals
  • Lightweight hiking boots

Climbing Equipment

  • Ice ax
  • Crampons
  • Harness
  • Carabiners
  • Webbing
  • Perlon cord
  • Ascenders
  • Rappel device
  • Camping Gear
  • Backpack

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