Trekking in the Mustang region is the most popular off the beaten trek that Nepal offers. When compared to the other regions, Mustang comes under one of the least explored trekking route. Mustang was an autonomous region of the Himalayan kingdom. The region is a part of the Trans Himalayan trail as earlier it was also the trans-border exchange route between Tibet and Nepal where exchange of Tibetan salt and wool with grains and spices used to take place. Historically, it is also the point from where the great Padmasambhava went to Tibet for the preaching of Buddhism. Only a few researchers and archaeologist were given permission to explore the region in the past. It was only until 1992, the Mustang region was opened to the tourists. Government has listed the region under the restricted area that requires special permits and other formalities. The objective of listing the areas as the restricted ones is to safeguard the fragile environment and cultural integrity from the outside influences.

The Mustang region is accessible through airways where one can get to Jomsom from Pokhara. Great views of Mt Dhaulagiri and Mt Nilgiri can be viewed from most of the area. Mustang area is generally famous for the natural astatic as well as the cultural importance. The area hosts Muktinath temple as well which is a holy pilgrimage site for both the Hindus and Buddhist which also shows the religious tolerance amongst the people of the region.

The landscape of the region is very different to the rest of the country. Mustang region comes under the rain shaded region where the rainfall is very low and is also considered as the desert of Nepal. Besides the unique landscape the area is also famous for the sacred Muktinath temple, Dhumba Tal, sky caves where the pre historic people dwell and the unique culture and tradition of the Tibetan people living there. Tiji festival is one of the best time to explore the culture and traditional dances. Other attraction might be the bow and archery competition at the village in Marpha. Mustang is also famous for harvesting apples and other various beverages out of it. Accommodation is generally the combination of the tea houses and camping.