Peak climbing is a famous activity carried out by the adventure enthusiasts all over the world. Peak Climbing basically attributes as climbing relatively small peaks/ mountains. When anyone thinks about peak climbing Nepal is one of the first place that comes in the mind for these activities to be carried out as most of the mighty peaks lies in Nepal. Currently Nepal hosts 1310 peaks which are above 6000 meters above the sea level. It was only in 1949, Nepal’s peaks/ Mountains were opened for the climbing and mountaineering activities. Since the time, mountaineering has been one of the major tourism activity and one of the biggest source for revenue generation for Government of Nepal.

Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation (MOCTCA) under Government of Nepal and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) are responsible for managing these peaks. At present 414 peaks are officially opened for the climbing and mountaineering activities. Out of which there are still 86 peaks that are still untouched and unclimbed. People of different physical fitness be it an experienced climber or a novice shows their interest in climbing and since we have many climbing peaks one can find the perfect peak as per the requirement. Depending upon the technicality of the mountain one choose, climbing and mountaineering skills are required. Peak Climbing in Nepal require some climbing, mountaineering skills. Any sorts of training and past experience is definitely a plus point.